Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hey, thanks to the people who commented... This topic was supposed to help me out of this pit they call writers block, but I can't seem to remember what I had planned to do with the info? :P

That's Me...

So, Lets talk about them anyways...
The usual mascara and lipgloss answers faithfully popped up like I knew they would but it's all good!

But the other comment... A smile? I like it. It sounds cheesy, they said. And it got me thinking: Are people becoming less and less friendly and increasingly guarded?

My insanely fun day yesterday, (me being sober and hanging out with an extremely drunk friend) proved to me something... her being "happier" than usual led to random conversations with guarded strangers. People I would never have talked to on the street before, the type that glare at you as you walk by and would rather shoot you than smile were suddenly friendly! The steriotypes were cast off just by someone approaching them in the street and striking up a conversation!

At that point I realised something. People simply don't like to make the first move... They are afraid they will be shot down or laughed at. After that, I decided to make more of an effort to smile and people and talk to them, whether it's just to point them in the direction of the nearest starbucks or help them find the right bus stop...

Of course, I can still be a bitch =]

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey There, Gorgeous

As I said, the first official post... I'm not gonna check my views - that's kind of sad. Either you're here or you're not. Your Loss.

It's called major writers block and I've got it... Anyone know a cure?
I was hoping this blog would be it so I've got to put my theory to the test... Thing is, I want you guys to help me jump start the flow... So I'm gonna leave you with this:

What's Your Number One Beauty Must- Have?

I really want to know! So leave a comment and tell me!



Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey everyone!

Okay, seeing as this is my first post I am keeping it short and (hopefully) sweet. Basically I want this blog to be the perfect outlet for all my thoughts, comments etc.

Here, I'll be talking about everything I love, Music, Movies, Fashion, Gossip, Magazines and Books... and I want all your opinions and for anything you want to say, here is the place! I want this to be successful (and by that I mean that my goal is for it to be read by someone other than little old me once in a blue moon!)

So TTYL for now... the first real post is first thing tomorrow morning, GMT.

See you there... [x]